Nursing care plan for dysuria

Dysuria is a condition in which the function of urinating urine is impaired.

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A urination pattern that suits the person can be established
Self-management for dysuria

Observation plan
1. Disease, medical history
2. Drinking amount, meal contents
3. Urination pattern before and after hospitalization (number of times, time, volume of urine, properties, presence or absence of residual urine)
4. Urination location
5. How to urinate
6. Presence or absence of pain when urinating, feeling of residual urine, difficulty in urinating
7. Whether or not you want to urinate and how you feel
8. Presence or absence of residual urine
9. Can you put up with it?
10. Presence or absence of urinary incontinence
11. Urination movement (balance, movement, presence or absence of abdominal pressure)
12. Items used
13. Presence or absence of fever and test data (WBC, CRP, urinary bacteria test, abdominal X-ray, ultrasound)
14. Sleep status
15. Presence or absence of stress

Care plan
1. Assess urination pattern disorders
2. Establish a urination pattern
-Adjust to an environment that facilitates urination
-Adjust to clothes that are easy to urinate
-Take (or perform urinary catheterization) to the toilet to encourage urination on a regular basis
-Determine time and water intake to regulate urine output
-Examine the water content and urination pattern that suits the patient’s life
3. If there is no urination, catheterize and measure residual urine.

Education plan
1. Explain the environment, clothes, and posture
2. Explain the method and amount of drinking water
3. Explain that it is necessary to record the urination status in order to understand the urination pattern (number of urine, volume, properties, water content).
4. Explain that 50 ml or less of residual urine is desirable
5. Explain that it is necessary to urinate in a certain period of time because there is a risk of reflux esophagitis if too much urine collects in the bladder.

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