Insomnia nursing care plan

Insomnia nursing care plan

Insomnia is a condition in which the quality and quantity of sleep is disrupted, leading to functional deterioration.

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Eliminates difficulty falling asleep
No more awakening, sleep till morning
Get a deep sleep
Understand the causes of insomnia and sleep patterns

Observation plan
1. Sleep pattern (sleep onset time, awakening time)
2. Sleep time
3. Sleep quality (deep sleep, insomnia)
4. Insomnia (difficulty falling asleep, awakening in the middle, early morning awakening, delirium, sleep apnea, etc.)
5. Daytime (awakening, drowsiness, yawning, attention, irritability, anger)
6. How to spend the day (activity amount, activity level, whether or not to take a nap)
7. Presence or absence of causes that interfere with sleep
-Mental stress
-Sleeping environment
-Symptoms (pain, itching, diarrhea, nausea, etc.)
-Treatment content, presence or absence of restraint
8. Effects of sleeping pills and the presence or absence of side effects
9. Thoughts on insomnia and how to deal with it

Care plan
1. Listen to anxiety and worries
2. Adjust to a quiet environment with as little irritation as possible
3. Adjust the length of the route, the orientation and position of the medical device or IV stand
4. Make efforts for a comfortable posture (appropriate posture, regular posture change, use of automatic posture change mattress, etc.)
5. Assist in falling asleep (footbath, massage, aroma, etc.)
6. Adjust your habits before falling asleep
7. Adjust the time taken for sleeping pills according to your sleep pattern
8. Respond to physical symptoms (analgesics, antihistamines, use of ice non, etc.)
9. Use medicines according to mental symptoms (anxiety, irritation, excitement, hallucinations, delusions, etc.)
10. Encourage people to go to the sun during the day and give phototherapy to adjust the rhythm of their lives.
Adjust so that you can work during the 11th (exercise, work, interaction with other patients, etc.)
12. Adjust so that the amount of water consumed after the evening is small.

Education plan
1. Explain that it is possible to use tun medicine when you cannot sleep
2. Explain that sleep conditions change due to regular life and daytime activities
3. Explain the causes that interfere with sleep (stress, cell phone light, caffeine, etc.)

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